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SOCAP Pitch Event (San Francisco, CA)

  • Greens Restaurant 2 Marina Boulevard San Francisco, CA, 94123 United States (map)

The Hague, thirty thousand people are working towards making the world a better place, every day. We believe that economic success and social impact go hand in hand. Tackling global challenges by doing good & doing business. The Hague is fully committed to this Impact Economy, because it is in our DNA.

We are inviting interested investors to our pitch event on Oct 25th - 4pm - 8pm PST in San Francisco. Join us for good food, good drinks and the latest impact companies from the Netherlands.

More about our Entrepreneurs:

ACE: Producer of cookstoves in Africa (Ruben Walker)
African Clean Energy (ACE) is the producer of the ACE 1 solar biomass energy system: an advanced cookstove which reduces smoke emissions to negligible levels. The ACE 1 is among the cleanest and most high-tech stoves currently available, providing clean cooking with a range of biomass fuels as well as offering solar electricity for mobile phone charging and LED lighting. 

Closing the Loop: Creating the circular loop for mobile phones by material recovering.(Joost de Kluijver)

Our mission is to rescue end-of-life phones from emerging markets and recover the embedded materials in the safest possible way. We provide secure and healthy employment. We minimise the environmental harm.

Coolfinity: Fridge which cools 24 hours, on 6 hours of energy supply (Maarten ten Houten)
Coolfinity is a proud, independent start-up founded to bring cooling, through fridges, where it isn't yet. The products are specifically designed for long and frequent power outages in tropical countries.

Gyre: Foldable sustainable bag, sized as a credit card (Joost de Muinck Keizer)

Gyre is a product line of stylish solutions to enhance the lifestyle of the conscious consumer of the future. The Gyre SmartBag is the world’s first smart and sleek alternative to disposable plastic bags. Folding in one single motion to the size of a credit card, this bag is forever by your side—in your pocket, your purse, wherever you go. So plastic pollution stops with you.

Future Proof Shipping: Making the shipping industry sustainable with hydrogen engines. (Richard Klatten) 

Future Proof Shipping (FPS) will validate, and scale hydrogen-based clean energy technologies that will provide a competitive advantage in shipping, and result in a fossil fuel and emissions free maritime industry.

GreenerU: App which tracks your daily CO2 emission (Ajay Varadharajan)

GreenerU is the first app that automatically tracks and measures the impact of all aspects of your lifestyle. By quantifying the sustainability performance of your various activities, we make it possible to compare them and recommend improvements with the biggest bang for the buck. 

Humansurge: Marketplace of skilled people to provide immediate humanitarian aid (Loek Peeters)

HumanSurge is created by individuals committed to social causes, dedicating their time and resources to develop new solutions that will unite and empower humanitarian professionals, in order to improve the way in which humanitarian aid is delivered in the future. The team includes professionals who understand the humanitarian sector from years of field experience, software-developers and designers who place user-experience at the center of their work, and professionals from other disciplines contributing their expertise.

Khaloom: Handwoven fabrics made out of recycled yarn (India) ( Jesse van de Zand)

Khaloom is an India based textile design- and production house that offers hand woven fabrics made from recycled yarns. In the middle of one of the dirtiest industries and largest textile manufacturing countries, Khaloom is upcycling waste into a high end product. Using a culturally ingrained and zero emission technique.

People's Pension: Micro pension porduct (Ghana) (Marijn Bergsma)

People’s Pension Trust is a company licensed by the National Pensions Regulatory Authority (NPRA), Ghana, to provide trustee services for the Ghanaian workforce, particularly, those in the informal sector.

Makers Unite: Providing refugees social inclusion by making products together out of lifejackets they brought them here (Thami Scheichler)

The life vests worn by migrants on their way to Europe have become a symbol for their journey to a new life. Together with newcomers, refugees and locals we create sustainable products that bring a powerful positive message of connecting across cultures. The sales of our products provide working opportunities to our participants and fund our social inclusion program.

SCOPEinsight: A tool to professionalize farmers in developing countries (Lucas Simons)

SCOPEinsight has led the way in developing innovative, universally-applicable assessment tools that measure the level of farmer professionalism in emerging markets. SCOPEinsight believe that farmer professionalism is the key to structural transformation of the agricultural sector. By providing business intelligence we aim to increase transparency in the agricultural market, lower investment risks and increase business opportunities for stakeholders in and around the agricultural value chain. 

SweepSmart: Waste collection and management system, including local waste pickers (India) (Silvia de Vaan)

SweepSmart cleans India’s streets and empowers waste pickers by setting up a Smart Inclusive Waste management system. In the system, former waste pickers and scrap dealers collect, sort and recycle the waste. We combine our European waste management and business knowledge with the local entrepreneurship of the informal recycling sector.

Sycada: Fuel consumption tracking tool, to reduce fuel consumption (Kristian Winge)

Sycada is an innovative telematics and IoT company with offices in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK. We are honoured to serve more than 2.000 enterprise clients across Europe with innovative solutions, including asset tracking & fleet management, connected car, green mobility and UBI programs.

Yapili: App to connect with licensed doctors online (Enya Seguin)

YAPILI delivers health@hand – offering new opportunities for many Africans to connect to local and western health professionals in an efficient and confidential way. In the societies, where professional health advice is hard & expensive to get, YAPILI offers affordable, anonymous and secure channel to seek medical care in case of pregnancy & family planning, diabetes & hypertension, HIV & sexual health, mental health and generic health questions. 

Upset!: Textile recycling technology for cotton (India) (Pals Brust)

We are building a circular and socially fair textiles value chain, starting at the heart of the industry: India. UPSET textiles has a big, hairy and ambitious goal: ‘Revolutionize the set-up of the textile industry from the inside out. UPSET will guarantee the use of 100% recycled materials in a controlled- and transparant circular and socially responsible textile value chain. Hereby making future proof apparel available to the mainstream markets’.

The SocialMedwork: Access to the latest medicines for everyone in the world (Sjaak Vink)

TheSocialMedwork is a social enterprise helping people everywhere access the latest medicines more quickly and for countries where medicines are not available we provide access. We are a registered, independent medicines intermediary sourcing each medicine for named patient use and overseeing every aspect of the shipping, customs and delivery. The only organisation in the world doing this today, we have helped 2,500 patients so far and strive to give everyone in the world access to the best new medicines. 

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