Peace Innovation Institute THE HAGUE

The Peace Innovation Institute was launched in Jan 2018 through a collaboration between the Peace Innovation Lab at Stanford and the City of the Hague. The collaboration includes the creation of the institute as well as working with the city to catalyze a thriving technology sector that brings breakthrough products, solutions and new companIes in the peace, justice and humanitarian markets. The Peace Innovation Lab at Stanford started as a project under BJ Fogg's Persuasive Technology Lab in 2008, and became an independent lab in 2010. Our work sits at the intersection of behavior design, persuasive technology and business. Our research question, simply put, is "how good can we be to each other?" and how do we express that through technology and by commercial means.


1. Catalyze a peace tech sector and industry.
2. Create new frameworks and curriculum for the ethical and safe deployment of emerging technologies and innovation.
3. Establish a market signal for the value of peace through Peace Data Standard