Announcement: Peace Engineering Initiative

From the rails, roads, and airways we travel to how we diagnose and treat medical conditions, engineers play a vital role in the construction our society. They have long been the creators, builders and in many ways, simplifiers of our world and without them many modern amenities would not exist. Yet, engineers have played a very small role in' “peace and security”, a sector with more significance each passing day. When you open up the opportunity for Peace-builders and Engineers to work together you create the possibility of [engineers] designing tools and products that reduce conflict and promote peace.

Peace engineering is a pathway and a mindset that answers global challenges. The objective of this peace engineering initiative envisions and works towards a world where prosperity, sustainability, social equity, entrepreneurship, transparency, community voice and engagement, and a culture of quality thrive.

Peace Innovation Institute is proud to be apart of the Peace Engineering Initiative, a socio-economic technological development framework for engineers to engage in a new sector.