Margarita Quihuis Featured on Interconnected Individuals podcast


What moves people to take action? How do you empower employees, colleagues or practitioners to become better versions of themselves? How do you transform a difference boundary that could be a point of conflict and negative friction, to one of opportunity and discovery?

Margarita Quihuis, Peace Innovation co-director and Behavior Technologies Expert has spent the last 10 years exploring questions like these and how technologies can be used to solve them. Recently, she sat down with Jeff Saperstein, of Interconnected Individuals podcast, to divulge.

“Working with BJ Fogg, getting into this emerging field of behavior design, and having a very systematic engineering like approach to designing behavior that was testable, replicatable, measurable, and scalable. That has been a very powerful skillset for me to acquire in this last decade.”

Margarita also gives us a glimpse into her own career path and how she has navigated the professional world as a female minority. Despite a great resume and the experience to back it up, she was repeatedly told she would never be successful in that company because her gender.

“I think that for women and people of color, the path actually is to invent your own path, to create your own career, rather than saying, "I'm going to do the traditional model of trying to move up the period."

Listen to the full episode here.

Victoria Cederle